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Training Your Way to Success

Investing in employee training reduces turnover and frustration.

WSC Strategies
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Strategic Approach

Founded in 2016…​​

WSC Strategies Service Training & Coaching is straight-forward and proven. We are passionate about improving dealership profitability, improved customer satisfaction AND improved employee satisfaction. We work with dealers to:​

  • Assess current processes and policies​
  • Identify and propose improvement opportunity solutions​
  • Document desired new process(es)​
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators​
  • Provide on-the-service drive coaching and training​
  • Ensure ongoing sustainment of improved/new service drive processes​

Systems and processes have a significant role in building your employees. They serve as the essential building blocks that support the growth of your dealership (and employee happiness too!) The two most important factors of implementing systems and processes in your business are efficiency and accuracy. ​

Efficient and accurate processes lead to improved dealer profitability, improved customer satisfaction and improved employee satisfaction.​

Our forward-thinking…​

Our “Keys to Success” are simple...

WSC Strategies

Right Person

WSC Strategies

Properly Trained

WSC Strategies

Motivating Pay Plan

WSC Strategies

Right System and Controls

WSC Strategies

Dealer Management Support

WSC provides dealership personnel with the training and support needed to improve their customer interaction skills, selling skills and overall efficiency and effectiveness on the service drive. The result will be improved profitability, service lane technology utilization and customer satisfaction.


Process Improvement

WSC utilizes a process improvement approach entitled DRAFT –Determine, Record, Analyze, Formulate and Train. Utilizing DRAFT, our team of in-dealership catalysts will validate existing service drive processes and redesign, as necessary.


Service Drive Customer Engagement

WSC has developed and utilizes a variety of customer interaction tools such as job aids and word tracks designed to guide service advisors with communication and customer interaction methodology during face-to-face, phone, email and texting situations.


Value Selling

Our one-on-one service advisor selling skills training will establish these desired behaviors. We will maximize Tablet utilization, systemized the MPI process, ¼ time attainment and implement a Declined Services management approach to increase labor and parts (by product of increased labor sales) sales.


Service Lane Technology

Utilizing SLT improves Repair Order speed and efficiency saving the average service advisor approximately 15 hours plus per month in write-up time. WSC will work with service advisors to use this time to present and recommend maintenance and repairs.


Financial Management

We work alongside service managers to identify KPI improvement opportunities. Expense management is a critical area that many managers don’t truly understand. By utilizing industry guidelines and industry best practices, we help improve the bottom line.

WSC provides dealers with a Strategic Management Approach that allows for the attainment of successfully achieving desired goals. Strategic management provides overall direction by developing processes, plans and policies designed to achieve desired objectives. Ultimately our strategic management approach is for organizations to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. We provide dealers with the tools, resources and training to create, and sustain, a competitive advantage over other dealers and aftermarket independent repair facilities.


Fixed Operations

  • Process Improvement Re-design
  • Service Profit Proforma
  • Service Lane Technology Utilization
  • Desired Performance Behaviors
  • Customer 1st Culture


  • Documented
  • Customer-focused & Friendly
  • Adhered To
  • Reviewed
  • Adjusted as Necessary

Training Sustainment

  • People
  • Resources
  • Follow Through
  • Accountability

WSC Focuses on Your Strengths & Identifying Improvement Opportunities

We offer a variety of services to assist our clients to achieve their training objectives. Services include but not limited to; training development, fixed operations training, product training facilitation, variable and fixed operations workshop facilitation, variable and fixed operations virtual facilitation, in-dealership continuous improvement, strategy & vision planning, sales training, and dealership standards assessments.

Business Operations

Assessment & Analysis

Financial & Job Performance

Metrics and Targets

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Process & Position Review/ Redesign

Training & Implementation

Performance Evaluation

& Ongoing Improvement

Improving Performance through Change Management & Process Improvement

WSC Strategies


We provide our clients with on-site and online interactive employee training designed to improve desired behavior and financial results.

WSC Strategies


Our mission is to provide real-world performance improvement services that yield measurable results in a manner that exceeds our client's expectations. Our success depends upon our ability to develop, implement and sustain meaningful training embraced by the end-users.

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Our team of experienced Catalysts has the insight and experience to take your organization's performance to the next level.

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We will work with your organization to develop a relevant strategy and achieve the desired results.

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Processes are documented, properly trained, and adhered to drive performance consistency by your team, improving customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and overall profitability.

WSC Strategies

Compelling Thoughts

WSC Strategies

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you are doing."

-W. Edwards Deming

Father of Quality Management Movement

"Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them."

-W. Edwards Deming

Father of Quality Management Movement

“Leadership is the influence of others in a productive, vision-driven direction and is done through the example, conviction and character of the leader.”

-Chris Brady & Orrin Woodward